Saturday, 9 January 2010

Work in Progress

Like many wargamers I have several painting projects on the go at the same time. Regardless of my best intentions the next unit always gets prepared and undercoated before the current one is based and ready for action. Some 15mm Austrian napoleonics are supposed to be the priority; I need some Grenz units for the advanced guard, but some War of Spanish Succession Austrian cuirassier looked interesting and so they are also sitting there looking at me. The Austrians form the minority component of the Coalition against the French at the moment, totalling about 15 battalions. There is a small brigade of grenadiers, a couple of landwehr battalions, but few light troops. That is why I decided to recruit a few battalions of Grenz. I liked the look of the Fantassin figures, they seemed to have a 'presence' and they are fairly easy to paint.
In addition my frugal nature means that I like to use the same figures for several armies. All that is required is one extra command base with an alternative flag. This way units can be used for the Thirty Years war and the English Civil War. The unit below is part of my TYW Imperial army, but with a change of flag it becomes Gerards in the ECW Royalist army.

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