Sunday, 14 March 2010


As a break from the sequence of battle reports I thought that this post could feature that other element of wargaming activity, painting. Now my progress on this front has not been too good of late; I did have plans to have three or four units finished by the end of February, but events intervened. There is also the constant threat of the dreaded "butterfly effect"; where progress on a unit is halted, sometimes never to resume, because of a new project which seizes the imagination. I must admit to a measure of this myself. At christmas I started some 15mm Austrian Napoleonics, then got sidetracked into ECW, because I discovered a bag of figures and purchased some more from a bring and buy. This then morphed into Grand Alliance, so I now have three lts of figures on my painting table. I sometimes wish I had the singlemindedness of some other bloggers (Will comes to mind), who can set out a programme for the year and seem to be able to stick to it. There is talk of a small scale SYW campaign, modeled on the recent Grant/Olley 'Raid on Chiraz' so no doubt my current admixture of figures will gain some new recruits. I will close with a recent proud moment. The first wargames figure painted by my grandson. He is only six, but shows great promise and seems to have begun to master the essential wargaming skill of rule debating!

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