Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Napoleonic 1813

Planning for the big Napoleonic game is progressing. The OOB rosters for each side have been completed and with a little fudging, two well-matched adversaries have been assembled. The French have the numbers, but their opponents have the advantage of position and like Russians throughout history they have improved that position with earthworks. Each side has three corps commanders and a C in C who controls the reserve.

For years my 'French' army consisted of regiments of Confederation of the Rhine troops, Baden, Wurttemburg etc plus Bavarians and Poles. It is only relatively recently that French units have begun to feature and they were of the line and legere types, no Grenadiers of the Guard for me! This stand against elitism has crumbled in the last couple of years; Fusilier Grenadiers and Fusilier Chasseurs have appeared and also five regiments of Guard cavalry. These were the result of a trip to the Kirremuir show.

Thoughts are now beginning to drift towards the St Helens show, one of my favourite trips of the year; although a couple of years ago a failure in navigation saw me travelling some miles in the wrong direction. There is always a good variety of games and traders and there is usually something of interest on the bring and buy.

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