Monday, 21 May 2012

Triples 2012

It is May, so it must be time to trek over the Woodhead Pass for the Triples Show at Sheffield.  The game put on by the Lance and Longbow  Society was Grandson; a clash between the Swiss and Burgundians.  All the figures had been provided by Bob Metcalfe and were a mix of Perry Plastics and metal figures.
Historically, the advance guard of the Swiss army won the battle on its own.  Charles' plan of his missile troops withdrawing before the Swiss, drawing them forward to be attacked in flank by the heavy cavalry failed because the withdrawal was seen by the rest of the army as a sign that the battle was lost and a general retreat resulted.  Unfortunately, I as the Swiss commander was not so fortunate.  The advance was fairly swift, so casualties from missile fire were light.  However, the charge failed to fully contact the Burgundian line and two elements of the Swiss block were disrupted.  As they tried to recover the Burgundian cavalry, led by Charles moved forward around the flanks.
 Swinging round the Italian knights charged the flank of the Swiss, breaking into the formation.  Somehow, the Swiss managed to hold on; though their neighbouring unit of pikes were not so fortunate.  Requiring anything but a 10 on a d10 to stand, they of course rolled the required 10 and routed, pursued by Burgundian men at arms.

 In no time at all three of the four elements of the Swiss advance guard were broken and routing.  The fourth, which had managed to break the Burgundian line was isolated and in danger of being charged from the rear by the reserve heavy cavalry.  However, the day was saved by the arrival of the rest of the Swiss army which halted the advance of the Burgundian cavalry.

Not far away from the our game were the Company of Veterans, who were putting on a brigade level  game of game  of Borodino.  This is a project I am working on, hoping to do a Shako large battles version in July.  The Company were very friendly and happy to chat about how they had constructed the scenario and the Age of Eagles rules which they used.  This photo shows the Imperial Guard

Another game which caught my eye was Chotusitz by the Ilkley Old School.  Although the terrain was basic (in keeping with Old School philosophy), the game was very eye-catching and the figures were a delight.

Altogether different was "Assault on the Mons Salient' by 'Like a Stone Wall'.  This group are well known for their demonstration games and this one was to their usual high standard.
Altogether a very good day out; an enjoyable game, a chance to chat and also add to the growing lead mountain.  The only downside was the introduction of parking charges.


  1. Interesting to see that you didn't roll low on the morale throw and rolled a 10 like me!

  2. Some great pics, thanks for sharing!!