Thursday, 30 May 2013


Just returned from a few days away.  Our short break seemed to coincide with a return to the wet weather, but it did at least give us an opportunity to visit the RAF Museum at Cosford.  With four hangars to visit, there is plenty to see.  The exhibits cover a wide range of planes, from the experimental to the main stream.

This Fairey Delta took me back to the days of 'Look and Learn' and the science stories looking at high speed flight.  Next to it was the Bristol type 188 which looks like science fiction rather than science fact.

WWII is well represented, there is a Catalina

and also a Messerschmitt Me 410A (Hornisse), which in addition to forward firing guns has two rearward facing heavy machine guns in remotely controlled barbettes.
One very unusual machine was this FA 330 Bachstelze.  It was labelled 'light reconnaisance'!
There is a truly massive hangar housing the 'Cold War' collection, and all the space is needed, because it houses examples of all three V Bombers, the Valiant, Victor and Vulcan, in addition to many other planes and armoured vehicles.  Unfortunately it is difficult to get a clear view of some of the planes, especially the ones suspended high up near the roof.  The English Electric Lightening is displayed vertically.

The fourth hangar, "Hangar 1" has examples of transport aircraft and also rockets, including the V1 and V2, plus the radio controlled Fritz-X.

So, if you are travelling near Telford and you have the time, the RAF Museum is well worth the visit.  There is a charge for parking, but entry to the museum is free.


  1. Well worth a visit, there is also a modelling show held there.

  2. There's something rather stylish about those planes.