Sunday, 18 May 2014


The sun shone as we crossed the Pennines and headed for the Triples show at Sheffield.  No problems unloading and setting up the game and by 10 am we were ready.   As mentioned in an earlier post the game was Bauge and I commanded the Franco-Scottish forces whilst Will took the role of Clarence, the English commander.  No doubt due to Will's influence, Clarence kept his composure and avoided charging off at the nearest enemy unit.  This enabled the combined English cavalry to act together and trample all over the French forces whilst the Scots looked on.

However, they (the Scots)  soon had problems of their own as the English archers advanced into range and targeted the Scots archers.  Douglas's archers were soon in disarray, (those that weren't casualties), and when the tardy Salisbury arrived with yet more archers, things were unlikely to improve for the Scots.  Buchan did bring on his reinforcements to help Douglas, but the pikes were unable to make an impact.

With half my force lost (5 French units, 2 units of archers and a pike block) the day belonged to the English.  A most enjoyable game which flowed well.  There was plenty of opportunity to talk to visitors to the show and discuss the rule mechanisms.  Another review of the game can be found on Will's blog together with photos of the action and of other games on display.

Once again there was a good variety of games on offer and here are a few photos to give a flavour
Indian Mutiny

French & Indian Wars
Stalingrad (in 54mm)
The photos don't really do the games justice and there were several more games where I didn't manage to get a decent photo.  I particularly liked the 1:300 scale (?) which was in the Kriegspiel tradition.  The Almanza game was also of interest.

The next "outing" is Phalanx in June and there is plenty to organise before then.

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