Monday, 16 June 2014

Phalanx 2014

One of my favourite shows of the year is the Phalanx show at St Helens.  The Spartans club have everything well organised and there are plenty of helpers to assist with the transfer of figures, terrain etc from your car boot to your table in the main hall.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, the Lance and Longbow Society were putting on a game based on the battle of Hedgeley Moor 1464.  We were in good company this year as there were other medieval display games on offer.

The second photo is of "The Battle of Kirkburn Bridge" by the Wyrley Retinue, which aimed to demonstrate Anglo-Scots warfare at the time of Bannockburn.

Naval games also had a strong showing with Furness Warlords putting on a game based on the naval battle on Lake Erie in the war of 1812.

Liverpool Wargames Society had an amphibious assault on a Pacific Island, with very well built terrain features.  (The lighting in the hall caused the yellows to become rather over-blown when I used the image correction software).

There was also a game of the Battle of Coronel from WW1.  The Battle of Britain game was well presented, the terrain/map giving a good 'bird's eye' representation of the landscape.

In this year commemorating the start of World War One, there was a 10mm display game of Chateau Thierry.

There was an interesting Marston  Moor game which represented all units which took part in the battle and used the 'Pike and Shotte' rules.

Dystopian Wars were also represented

Another very good show.  An opportunity to chat to friends, talk about the game and, of course, add to the  lead mountain.  We played through our game twice, once with the Poleaxed rules and once with Warmaster Medieval and the Lancastrians won both games, (although by narrow margins in both cases).

My thanks to Steve, Bob, Roy, Will, Neil, Ian and Nick for helping with the game.

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