Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Towton 2015

Last Sunday, Steve and I ventured over the Pennines once again to put on a game for the Lance & Longbow Society at the Towton Commemoration event.  We reprised the Hexham game we had run at York and again invited members of the public to join in.  We were in the barn along with several traders and a number of battlefield societies.  Visitors could chat to the re-enactors in their camp or go on one of the guided battlefield walks.

Here are a few photographs of the re-enactors and their equipment

It was cold and damp, but the living history enthusiasts stayed cheerful and did their best to inform the visitors.

In the barn I found the Northampton Battlefield Trust's stand very informative

For our part we chatted to quite a few of the visiting public, explaining about wargaming and the battle we were demonstrating.  Two people took us up on our offer of joining in and helped the Yorkists prevail (again!).  We played the game three times, with the Yorkists winning two outright within the allotted hour.  The third game was deemed a Lancastrian 'moral victory' as they still had one unit left on the hill when time ran out.  Many thanks to Bob for helping us on the stand and being such an enthusiastic supporter of the Yorkist cause!

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  1. Nice photos. I have s similar ordnance piece ready for painting so that's a useful reference.