Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Liverpool Affray

In 2013, Steve and I put on a game for the Lance and Longbow Society at Phalanx based on the battle of Deepdale.  This year we are planning a game based on events in Liverpool in 1425.  A feud had developed between the Molyneux and Stanley families and both sides were gathering their forces. According to a contemporary account, the sheriff of Lancashire intervened before the two forces met, but for the purposes of the scenario, he has been delayed and 2000 men supporting Thomas Stanley have sallied out of Liverpool to meet 1,500 men supporting Sir Richard Molyneux.  The battle takes place on some open heath land between the town fields and Toxteth Park.  Molyneux's men, although outnumbered, are of a slightly better quality than those supporting Stanley, which should balance out the disparity.

We will be using our own version of the 'Lion Rampant' rules which featured in an earlier post.  After an initial run through the scenario further amendments have been made.  With over half the units being archers casualties, were rather heavy, the Molyneux force being almost wiped out before it came to blows.  Therefore, the 'out of arrows' dice was made a d4, rather than a d6.  This seemed to work well as in our second game, although Molyneux lost again, it was a much closer call for Stanley, with over half his force driven from the field.

Another amendment is to allow a shoot and move option for the archers.  This will allow them to shoot (at reduced effect) and then either fall back behind a supporting unit, or advance. As this is a more complex manoeuvre the command test is set higher than for simply moving or shooting.

Above is a sketch map by a local historian, Ramsay Muir, who published his 'A History of Liverpool' in 1907.  The battle is set in the area roughly where title scroll is placed.

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