Monday, 8 February 2016

Vapnartak 2016

This weekend saw our usual trip over the Pennines to York for the Vapnartak show.  The Lance and Longbow society didn't have a participation game this year but the stand selling society publications did quite well.  A very good mix of traders was in evidence and although there seemed to be fewer games on the ground floor there were plenty 'upstairs', benefiting from plenty of daylight and some welcome sunshine.  Not being committed to running a game enabled us to have more time looking around the show.

A large fantasy game organised by York Wargames Club

A very impressive Alamo game

Very good modelling skills on display

Finally, a game depicting Simon Bolivar's campaigns in South America.

Once again, a great day out at a very well organised show.  The chance to meet old friends, chat and get bags of inspiration for the new wargaming year.  

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