Saturday, 17 June 2017

Phalanx show 2017

Once again Steve and I (together with a good complement of Gentlemen Pensioners) made the short journey to St Helens to the Phalanx Show.  This year the Lance & Longbow game was provided by the Alde Garde.  Jan and Peter put on a splendid game about the siege of Venlo.

The lighting within the hall is by no means ideal, giving everything a yellow cast, so the photos don't really do the game justice.  Jan and Peter delight in including vignettes in their games.

Here are some market stalls within the walls of Venlo

And here is a scratch built trebuchet.

The church has a skeleton rising from the grave.  In the background you can see a couple of bicycles, Jan and Peter love to add anachronisms to entertain the onlookers.

The figures are up to the same standard

 The majority of us were unfamiliar with the 'Hail Caesar' rules so we only managed one game during the day.  The result was a victory for the relief force trying to break through the siege lines.  Taking the initiative the knights of the relief force advanced en masse and after a fierce struggle broke through to the town.  Infantry supporting their left flank was eventually able to advance after suffering a couple of reverses.  (They were greatly helped by their opponents rolling low dice at a critical time and routing from the table).  The less said about the reserve, which should have attacked on the right the better.  Their progress would have made a snail look like Usain Bolt.

Here are some photos of some of the other games.

Kunersdorf in 15mm by the Mailed Fist group

Cambrai 1917 by Kalistra

A 28mm Samurai game by the East Lancs Wargames Club

WWII in the Ardennes, using the Bolt Action rules by Ben Houghton and Christopher Otterburn

Fantasy, Greek and Egyptian gods in the desert.  Using Lion Rampant rules.  St Helens Spartans.

The Spartans have once again put on a good show.  A good range of games on offer, plenty of traders and (up to lunchtime) plenty of visitors.  Many thanks to Jan and Peter for bringing the Venlo game; and Lynne, Chris, Dave, Ian, John, Martin, Neil, Nick, Steve and Will for another enjoyable Gentlemen Pensioners outing.

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