Sunday, 26 November 2017

Preparations for RECON and some more recruits

Next Saturday will see Steve and I at the RECON Show at Pudsey. We will be putting on the Chester game we prepared for the Britcon show in August ( post ) for the Lance & Longbow Society.  If you are attending the show please drop by and have a chat.  As you can imagine after a lapse of over 3 months we needed to reacquaint ourselves with the scenario and rules, so this week we had a run through.

The rebel leader, Holland prepares to defend the ridge
The commander of the Royal forces, Mortimer prepares to charge
The rebel knights prevail and Mortimer flees from the field
Surprisingly, the loss of their leader did not adversely affect the remaining Royalist forces.  They stuck to their task and finally overcame the rebels.  A rerun after lunch also resulted in a Royalist victory, though by an equally narrow margin.  We will have to see how the game goes on Saturday.

Back in May I posted a picture of my first unit of Soldatski for my 17th century Muscovite army (other unit in this post).  Well, after 6 months !! the second is finally finished.

The unit consists of 12 pikemen and 20 musketeers.  (It should be 12:18 for the 3:2 ratio, but 32 figures is easier to arrange).  In the interests of economy (always popular with Management), I painted an extra 4 musketeers so that I had the option of fielding a unit of Streltsy for scenarios set earlier in the 17th century.  A unit of 24 means that they can be deployed in 3 or 4 ranks, or even 2 if behind defences.

Work has also been progressing with the ECW figures from Dave.  Fortunately these do not need painting, just re-basing, so these infantry have come on quickly.

Two units of commanded shot


Dismounted dragoons
Many thanks for the positive comments about my previous post.  All the figures are Steve's as are the walls and buildings for the monastery.


  1. Nice, thanks for the Recon reminder, not sure why, but I thought that was still weeks away!

  2. Great post, and nice to see the second soldatski regiment constituted. Always look forward to my visits to your blog to see 28mm figures recruited and put to good use.