Monday, 4 December 2017

RECON 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend saw our last wargaming outing of 2017, the RECON show at Pudsey.  Once again it was a well organised affair with a good range of traders on hand ready to sell all the stuff that wargamers need (or think they need).  Perhaps the number of games wasn't as broad as in previous years, but the organisers can only use those  that are on offer.  Our Chester game went quite well.  We ran it twice and had some enthusiastic 'public' participants who all enjoyed the experience (by chance  in each game they were on the victorious  side, which won't have hurt).  I managed to get a few photos and Will has some more here

Battle of Cambrai
 Commemorating the 100th anniversary of that bloody battle.


Leicester Phat Cats 'Blood and Plunder' game

as above
I thought this was the best game at the show; lovely terrain and figures and the club member running it was in costume too!
Detail from the Goodwood game
Undoubtedly the largest game, the Goodwood game seemed to veer too much towards the 'wall to wall tanks'   syndrome.  I admit that, historically, it was a very congested battlefield with a high density of AFVs, but perhaps a different type of scenario would have appealed more.
Chester - the Royalist centre advances
A very enjoyable outing, well worth the trip over the Pennines.  Many thanks to Andy, Bob, Steve and Will for helping with the game and Dave and Lynne for 'logistic' support.

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