Sunday, 25 February 2018

Short break

Five days on the east coast, in February?  We must have been mad.  When we arrived at Whitby, it looked like a bad decision.  Rain and thick fog the order of the day.

The view from our room
Happily, things brightened up considerably the following day and we had sunshine for the remainder of our stay.

Down by the harbour is Battery Parade and in recognition of it's former purpose a 12lb naval gun is on display.

By the beginning of the 20th century the battery was long gone.  In 1914, the Germans found the town undefended when they bombarded it.  [details here] .  A memorial to the event can be found on the cliff top.

The clock on the mantlepiece and the cat silhouette by the window are nice touches.

We had a trip over to Pickering and visited the parish church.  On the walls of the nave can be seen some wall paintings dating from the mid 15th century.

S George

Martyrdom of St Edmund
If you haven't visited the North Yorkshire coast already there is plenty to see.  However, if go in any season other than summer be sure to take warm clothing, (even in summer it is a good idea to have some with you).


  1. Interesting Whitby 1914 / 2014 memorial of the bombardment. There is some interesting materails in the book Codebreakers by James Willie and Micheal McKinley on Room 40 and WW1 naval intelligence, the Royal Navy trying not to reveal or show too much foreknowledge of raids like these so as to not to reveal how many German naval signals were being read. Thanks for sharing. Mark, Man of TIN

  2. That fireplace certainly gives a sense of scale to that shell.

  3. Those wall paintings are superb. Shame to think all English churches were decorated in this manner and then painted over, the artwork is actually very good.