Friday, 25 May 2018

Partizan part 2

I'll begin with a game that I missed from the previous post, Varna 1444, showcasing the Kallistra range of figures and terrain.  It was shown at Alumwell earlier this year, but I think that this is a larger version.

The English Civil War featured in a couple of games.  The "For King and Parliament" variation of To the Strongest rules by RAWGamers

Plus Cheriton by Burton and District Wargames

Close to these games were two Grand Alliance/GNW games.  The League of Augsburg had a scenario based in  Ireland

Derby Wargames Society had "The Battle for Pechory Monastry" from the GNW, with the Russians fielding a mix of streltsy and 'new style' western formations.

The AWI also featured two games.  Camden by Steve Jones

Germantown by the Perrys

Crann Tara Miniatures had a Jacobite scenario featuring their figures

I will post the final installment featuring the Napoleonic games in the next couple of days


  1. Thanks for posting, there seems a genuine excitement from bloggers this year for this show and I'm not surprised, looking at the quality of the games.

  2. hi, am trying to contact the guy that ran the ww 1 trench game by the East Lancashire Wargames Association at this years show, any contact no please

    1. I am sorry for not replying sooner, I have just spotted your comment. Unfortunately, I do not have any contact details for the East lancs group, but they do have a web page Hope this helps