Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Phalanx preparation

Yet another long fallow period, as far as gaming is concerned, due to continuing 'real life' commitments.  However, Steve and I have managed a couple of planning sessions to sort out our game for the Phalanx show.  Once again we will be putting on a game for the Lance & Longbow Society; thus time it will be set in the year preceding the Wars of the Roses and be based on events at Stamford Bridge (no not the home of Chelsea).

Not for the first time the forces of the Neville and Percy families clashed, though this was the largest such confrontation.  As usual we will be using our own variation on the 'Lion Rampant' rules and all are welcome to stop by the Lance & Longbow stand and join in.

Here are a few photos of the trial run; sorry for the poor quality, I was not using the tripod.

View towards Stamford Bridge from the Percy left

The view from Stamford Bridge

The Percy forces begin their advance