Here are a few more photos of the game, kindly provided by John

View from behind the Galgenberg, Pahlen's cavalry (top left), getting ready to charge again

The view from above Klenau's troops, looking west towards Wachau
The Young Guard move onto the Galgenberg, whilst Allied pressure builds on Victor's line
The French assault on the Kolmberg begins
Klenau stands by the defenders of the Swedish redoubt
And some more of mine
Euguen's first attack on Wachau (the first of many)
The Russian grenadiers advance
Klenau secures Seifertshain
D'Hurbal's dragoons, with artillery support drive back Raevsky's grenadiers
The clash between the cuirassiers on the eastern flank
The Russian Guard cavalry

Kleist closes in on Markkleeberg


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  1. Is there a 'panorama' shot of the whole table?