Monday, 29 March 2010

War of the League of Augsurg

Yes, yet another digression from the original plan, (was there ever a plan?). There has been some figure exchanging going on lately. I have swopped a battalion of English foot and a unit of militia for a Dutch battalion and one of French. Now the dutch posed no problem, painted, based and with the correct flag they slotted into the Alliance forces without a hitch. The French posed more of a problem. They have had a chequered past, originally French they had been transferred to James' Irish army as Antrim's regiment and fought at the Boyne and Aughrim. They have since become surplus to requirements and therefore joined my French force. Unfortunately no regiment had their facings, so a minor paint job and a new flag were required. The choice settled on regiment Dampierre

The battle this week was the first installment of "The annexation of Chiraz", concerning the Electoral attempt to seize the Chiraz powder works. Events follwed those related by messers Grant & Olley, with the works captured, although casualties were sustained. The Electoral commander Major-General Karl Erfahren-Gemeinsam was in a particularly mellow mood following an excellent lunch at a wayside hostelry and allowed the vastly outnumbered Chiraz forces the honours of war as they relinquished the town and works. In the evening he walked by the river with his ADC and recounted his memories of visiting Petresville as a young man and the many happy hours he had passed rambling around the nearby mountains. At the time he dreamed of becoming a mining engineer, but fate intervened and he had to give up his studies under the eminent scholar Dr Strabismus, (whome God preserve), of Utrecht and find alternative employment.

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