Wednesday, 9 March 2011

London trip

During half term week we had a short break in London. There is so much to see that no matter how often you visit you can always find something new. I was recommended to visit the museum of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, which has just had a major refurbishment. It is not large, but there are some interesting exhibits and presentations. On certain days there are guided tours and there is also the nearby priory church and crypt that can be visited.

On the way to the museum we walked past St Batholomews Hospital (Barts) The picture shows the entrance to the church of St Batholomew the Great, the first parish church in England to charge for admission. Just out of shot, on the wall to right is a plaque marking the spot where William Wallace was executed.
Later that day we also visited the church of St Clement Danes, the RAF church in the Strand.

Many RAF units are commemorated, including this memorial to the Polish units.
One place I never tire of visiting is the British Museum. Ignore the packed Egyptian galleries and head for the European galleries on the first floor. There you will find cases of artefacts covering the Viking, Saxon, Roman and medieval periods amongst others. This is an example of a parade shield, far too valuable to risk in battle, but used to show the wealth of its owner.

There are various options for getting arounf London of course, but I prefer to walk if possible. You can see so much more and at this time of year the artificial lighting can create marvellous effects. I forgot my tripod so most of the night shots came out blurred, but I did manage to get this one of HMS Belfast. When you see the size of the ship and realise that in fleet terms, it was fairly minor, you wish that the British government had not been so hasty in scrapping our battleships. Imagine what interest there would have been for a vessel like Warspite or King George V.


  1. Nice post, very interesting, I live only 20 miles from the centre of London, but rarely take the chance to visit places of interest, although on a recent visit to London I took some photo's of the Crimian War memorial, which are on my blog.

  2. I also regret the scrapping of Warspite. She saw a lot more service than most, from WW1 right through to D-Day and beyond. But, thanks for sharing the photos, they're nicely done and very atmospheric.