Monday, 21 March 2011

Painting and reading

After a long delay I managed to finish painting a couple of units for my Royalist ECW army. I was inspired to complete them by reading a book published by the Chetham Society "The Parliamentarian and Royalist war effort in Lancashire 1642-1651, by J M Gratton (Third series vol 48. 2010). This has a very useful appendix detailing the various units raised in the county and the actions they took part in.

This is Tyldesley's foot regiment, with the horse regiment moving to support them. The foot were at First Newbury and Marston Moor, whilst the horse also served with the Oxford army and were present at First Newbury. The figures come from various sources and the flags were created on the computer. Tyldesley's foot also double as the Mohrungen regiment serving as mercenaries with the Polish army (see below)

Two further cavalry regiments are under way and as the Warlord Games boxes come with the possiblilty of having two or three cornets, these units will also lead a double life, turning out for the Royalists and also as mercenary reiter for the Muscovite army.

Another book I have been reading is Andrew Uffindell's "Napoleon's Immortals, the Imperial Guard and its battles 1804-1815", published by Spellmount in 2007. What I have found particularly interesting is the analysis of the membership of the Guard units over time and the way in which the purpose of the Guard changed. Many sets of rules give bonuses for the Guard when it is in action, but, Uffindell's research suggests that this bonus should depend on the date of the scenario being played, particularly after 1812. During the 1813 and 1814 campaigns the Young Guard units consisted of the best conscripts rather than soldiers with several years experience. This would lead to a classification of at the best 'first class line', rather than elite. Plenty of food for thought.

The current battle on the tale is an ACW scenario based on the attack on the lines around Petersburg. The action is following historical events with the Unionists taking heavy casulaties. A full report will follow in the next post , but for the moment here is a view of the two brigades on the Unionist right preparing to advance.


  1. Would you recommend the Uffindel? I was looking at a copy the other day.

  2. Hello Conrad. I picked up my copy in a remainder store for 5 pounds. Most of the basic information is available from other sources and the author does say in his introduction that his book is a supplement to 'Anatomy of Glory'. Part 3 of the book on the value of the Guard is, for me the most interesting section, but it is only one seventh of the text. The choice of battles is odd, but in the final analysis the Guard didn't play a decisive fighting role that often. Would I recommend it?, not as a must have volume on my bookshelf. If you can pick up a copy at a low price, fine. Perhaps borrowing a copy from the public library and making some notes for future reference?