Monday, 30 May 2011

Triples 2011

Last Sunday I went to the Triples show at Sheffield. There was the usual good selection of games to look at and the following particularly caught my eye:

Grimsby Wargames Club with their War of Spanish Succession scenario, using their home-grown rules Corporal John and the Sun King. The fortifications and entrenchments were very impressive.

There were two Lutzen games. Nice John and Evil Trev depicted the Thirty years war encounter

and Bramley Barn the napoelonic version.

I was helping out on the Lance & Longbow Society stand with their "Raid on Croix Saint" game. Bob Metcalfe provided some excellent ships, figures and buildings for the game which generated interest from visitors.

I was in command of the English fleet with the task of landing the raiding force. Light (or at times non existent) winds made manoeuvring difficult for both sides. Things were not helped by a certain laxity in the terminology used by the commanders. Too late we discovered that by saying our ships had collided we automatically ran the risk of sinking. After losing 5 ships we realised our mistake and began to claim that we were "coming alongside to grapple". By mid-afternoon I managed to land some troops and set fire to the village.

But by this time the 'locals' had raised the alarm and Breton troops were on their way.

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