Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ancient flats

In more ways than one. These Egyptian, Nubian, Greek et al figures are getting on in years. Their provenance is uncertain, but looking at them brings back memories of the grainy black and white photographs from the pages of the Featherstone classic "War Games". In particular the battle of Trimsos between forces from Hyperborea and Hyrkania.

The Greeks are the most numerous, with a solid phalanx of hoplites, supported by smaller units with cavalry on the wings.

They have very few light infantry, unlike the coalition assembled against them who have swarms of Nubian and Egyptian archers, javelins and slings. What really catches the eye are the elephants and chariots.

The skill of the painter in making these two dimensional figures look 3D has to be admired. I did have some problems getting the focus correct when photographing these flats and so have not really done them justice.


  1. Actually, your photos are really good, and the flats are amazing.

    Best Regards,


  2. Flats look great - thanks for sharing them with us...