Saturday, 14 January 2012

New recruits

For our first gathering of the new year we returned to the Seven Years War and a scenario based on the battle of Paltzig, an action between the Prussians and Russians a few weeks before the major battle at Kunersdorf. We had intended to finish the game this week, but in the event it was held over to next week. A full report should appear in the next blog, but here is a general view from the right flank of the Russian position prior to the battle.

Over the last couple of months I have been painting up some figures I purchased from ebay. They represent one of the provincial streltsy units rather than the Moscow ones which usually feature in the main Russian army.

The flags, supposedly representing Suzdal, are pure invention I am afraid, but they do add a bit of colour. The huts in the background are from Pegasus and could be used for battles in eastern europe over quite a wide range of periods. As I was basing the streltsy another lot came up on ebay and I was lucky enough to win it. These Hinchcliffe figures will form a unit of levy infantry raised by one of the great Boyars alongside the feudal cavalry. In the background is a unit of mercenary 'German' foot, together with their command stand. Again, the flag is pure fiction; this time courtesy of a wine bottle label!


  1. Nicely done sir, flags are definitely needed

  2. Very nice work. Flags do look great. Nothing wrong with a wine label either.

  3. Very nice looking flags, made up or not!!