Monday, 27 February 2012

Polish and Russian recruits

Progress has been slow on the painting front of late, but I have eventually managed to complete this command base for the Polish foot. The flag is for the Trzywdar clan and I downloaded the image from a Polish heraldry website.

I have also done some restoration work on these 40mm homecast Great Northern War Russian dragoons. Some had developed a case of the dreaded 'lead rot' and needed cleaning up and repainting.


  1. Good work on both of these units. The homecast units are always special. Where did you get the flags in the first photo?

    1. Hello Mike
      The infantry flag is homemade using the basic 'paint'package on the PC. The command base flag was also homemade but the heraldic detail came from
      which has loads of information on Polish flags and heraldry.