Thursday, 4 October 2012

"Patriots & Loyalists"

We are having a trial run of a third set of AWI rules at the moment and for comparison purposes are using the same scenario as before, so you could perhaps call it Threeman's Farm.  The mechanisms are quite different from the norm; one of the biggest differences being that you don't roll to inflict casualties, but to 'save' the casualties indicated by the tables and variables in the rules.  Good quality troops are more likely to be unaffected and you can try and use your non-commissioned officers to offset the risk.  However, this also carries a risk and you could find yourself with reduced morale anyway. 

At the moment we are part way through the scenario and I will post a fuller report once the action is settled. So far, the American troops have proved to be more likely to suffer casualties and need rallying, but the British have not had things all their own way.  After capturing part of the village a line battalion was driven from the buildings by close range artillery fire, suffering quite heavy casualties in the process.  One thing that we may well alter is the fire from rifles.  Although they fire less frequently than muskets, they are very effective at close range.  We felt that the historical role of rifles would be to fire at longer ranges, so we may well amend the values to reflect this.

Meanwhile a couple of new units have been added to the Eastern Renaissance forces.  The Poles now have a unit of mounted dragoons, the dismounted figures came via an ebay purchase and just need a touch of paint and re-basing.

The ragamuffin force reflecting the Tartar horde has also had a small reinforcement.

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