Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Just returned from our usual half-term trip to London. One of the things we really wanted to see was the memorial to those who lost their lives serving in Bomber Command during WWII.

 I remember seeing part of the unveiling ceremony on the TV last year, but seeing the memorial 'in the flesh' really hits home.  If you haven't visited it yet, try and fit it into your next London visit.  Information about the memorial can be found here and  another site offers more photographs

Having taken part in several Colonial games a detour to the Embankment to see this statue of General Gordon seemed in order.

We also travelled to the East End to visit the V & A Museum of Childhood, which proved to be a fascinating day out.  The adults enjoyed the exhibits at least as much as the children, remembering toys from years gone by (too many years in some cases).  There were examples of Britains' soldiers  and other manufacturerers, but what really caught my eye was this photograph.  

How this took me back! It could have been me in the photograph.  Games with plastic Airfix figures and models on the living room floor. The battle ending when space was required to set the table.

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