Sunday, 19 May 2013

Triples 2013

Once more we ventured across the Pennines in search of wargames shows; the venue this time was Triples in Sheffield.  No Lance and Longbow game this year, so I had ample time to wander around the show to look at the games and trade stands.  The shopping list was fairly short as I had pre-ordered some medieval 'bits and pieces' from Essex, (many thanks for the excellent service, chaps).  These will aid the completion of the armies for the Deepdale game in June.  I also purchased some 15mm command figures to make up some more divisional command stands for the Napoleonic game at Gauntlet in July.

There was a strong Napoleonic emphasis amongst the demonstration games with a Peninsular skirmish, Ostrowono, Gross Beeren and Lutzen all making an appearance.   Gross Beeren was put on by the  'Like a Stone Wall' group;  who like most participants were happy to suspend the game to chat about the figures and rule mechanisms they used.

Lutzen was a 15mm game using the Age of Eagles rules put on by the 'Company of Veterans'.  Again they were happy to chat about the rules and their preference for that particular set over 'Shako'.

The Ilkley Lads had a very nice Cerignola game, with impressive scenery and Swiss pike blocks.

There was also an excellent 'Sudan' game with a railway train and steamer.

However, the game that really captured the imagination was 'Funny Little Wars' by the Mirfield Rifle Volunteers in aid of the British Legion.  This used 54mm figures in the tradition of H G Wells and even had participants firing cotton buds (matchsticks were a little too dangerous for the figures) from the field guns, any figures knocked down by the buds were casualties.  Edwardian costume and period German helmets completed the effect.

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  1. Excellent stuff David.
    That 54mm Little Wars game is spot on! Love it.