Sunday, 18 August 2013

Britcon 2013

Although primarily a show for those involved in games competitions, the Lance & Longbow did put on an Italian wars participation game at this year's Britcon in Manchester.  The organisers made the bold move of giving free entry to the public and at least on Saturday, visitor numbers seemed to have increased.

Will, Steve and I ran through the game (Novara, 1513) in the morning, chatting to passers by and customers for the Society bookstand.  In the afternoon we were joined by two members of the public, Mark and John for a second run through the game.  The scenario represented the surprise attack of the combined Italian/Swiss army on the French, who were in camp expecting no action  that day.  Die rolls decided the 'waking up' of the French units and overall they did better than historically.  The one real exception were the landsknechts under John, who consistently rolled one less than the number required for longer than seemed possible!

The sleepy heads

In both games the French camp was captured, but the Swiss pikemen were fought to a standstill by the landsknechts and stopped in their tracks by the French crossbowmen.  The French gendarmes galloped around the field, looking for opponents, but achieving very little.

A view from behind the French camp, with the Italians and Swiss closing in.

The French crossbowmen relying on a devastating close range bolt 'storm'

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