Monday, 18 November 2013

Deepdale mark 2

In June this year Steve and I put on a game for the Lance and Longbow Society at the Phalanx show.  The game will have another run out at the RECON show at Pudsey in December.  Having done a bit more research about the Banastre Rebellion it seems that the battle may have taken place closer to the town fields of Preston. Also, the forces under the command of Vavasour probably came from the Pontefract area and would arrive at Preston from the east via  Ribchester, rather than from the north.

We used the WAB Ancient Battles rules with troop characteristics from the Western Christendom list. 

Vavasour was rated as impetuous and would charge any rebel force on a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6.   Surprisingly, Vavasour restrained himself and was in the end charged by the sole unit of rebel knights.  Having gained the initiative the rebels proceeded to cut through the Yorkshire knights.  When the latter broke the rebels followed up but met the mounted sergeants of Vavasour's command.  Against the odds, the sergeants stood their ground and held the charge of the rebels. 

We didn't get chance to run through the whole scenario as we spent quite some time re-acquainting ourselves with the rules, (not having used them since June).

However, we have checked we still have all the figures we need and also what scenery/buildings etc we will have to take with us on the day.

If you are attending the Pudsey show please stop by the Lance and Longbow Society stand and say hello.

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