Friday, 1 November 2013


No game this week as I set off for a short city break in Glasgow.  The aim was to visit the museums and art galleries and this was achieved in fine style; you are spoilt for choice in what used to be referred to as "the second city of the empire". 
At the Burrell collection I came across the small display of medieval armour and weapons

This is a nice example of a late 15th C Burgonet as favoured by the light cavalry of the time.  What I found particularly interesting was the painted tomb of a knight of the Spanish Espres family from the mid 14th C.

There is still some of the detail remaining and it must have been a stunning sight when first completed

The Hunterian Museum, at Glasgow University has recently opened a display of artefacts associated with the Antonine Wall.  Ballista balls and javelin heads have been recovered from the Roman fort at Kirkintilloch as well as lead slingshot from Birrens fort.

A number of the distance memorials are on display.  One of the largest, (a cast of the original) has an excellent representation of a Roman cavalryman
Both museums are free to enter and well worth the visit.  Also worth a mention is the Transport Museum with it's collection of model ships and Kelvingrove with it's armour collection.

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