Tuesday, 6 May 2014

More Medievals

Our next show is Triples on the 17th May.  The Lance and Longbow Society will be putting on Bauge (1421), a battle between the English and a Franco-Scottish army.  One month later it will be the Phalanx show at St Helens and the battle of Hedgeley Moor (1464).  So we are in the midst of sorting out rule sets and figures for these two battles.

For Bauge we will probably use Warmaster Ancients with some 'tweeks' to accommodate medieval troop types.  At St Helens we initially intended to use the Poleaxed rules, but are now not so sure.  Play testing the scenario last week we attempted to represent the Yorkist forces deploying from column to line of battle and the delays involved meant that the Yorkists suffered significant casualties from archery before battle was joined.  Once the melee started failed morale tests (due to accumulated casualties (DPs)) resulted in half the Yorkists routing in no time at all.  The main contingent, commanded by Montague held on, but quickly found itself attacked from front and both flanks.

A re-run, using the Warmaster Ancients also resulted in a Yorkist defeat,but this was more clearly identifiable as due to erratic dice rolls, with the Yorkists seemingly unable to convert any of their saving throws for casualties.  One common theme was that Percy (rated as a Rash commander),was by far the most reluctant to advance.  One of the few historical facts available about the battle is that he was killed in the fight.  Whether this was due to rash advance on his part, or that he stood his ground when the rest of the Lancastrians fled we do not know.

Any way a couple of photos showing the main melee follow

The next post should include some photos of the Bauge scenario 

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