Tuesday, 24 February 2015

London Feb 2015

A combination of half term and a short city break has interrupted proceedings for a couple of weeks.  The city break was in London and I managed to sneak a couple of museum trips into the itinerary.  First was the Guards Museum, which I last visited 8 or 9 years ago.  They have altered the displays to accommodate more emphasis on Waterloo (no surprise there).  Included are 'relics' such as the lock from Hougomont gates.  I particularly liked the display showing a pike and musketeer uniform from the 1680's and the examples of flags (sorry, colours).  No pictures I am afraid because they were only allowed if you bought a permit. However, standing guard over proceedings is Alexander of Tunis, who served in the Irish Guards

 There was also a brief foray into the maelstrom which is the Imperial War Museum on a half term weekend.  The displays have been 'updated' and for me it has not been a universal success. However, I did manage to spot some interesting maps

German map showing preparations for Operation Sealion, 1940

Two training maps for the D Day landings
The highlight of the trip was a visit to HMS Belfast.  Although not a 'battle wagon' it is still impressive, with its 6" guns and labyrinth of passages and compartments.  The displays are well done and the visitor gets an idea of what life may have been like for those servicemen aboard her.

40mm AA battery

6" guns, range 12 and a half miles


  1. My uncle served on the Belfast, and I've still not been onboard

    1. When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.