Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Vapnartak part 2: Hexham using Lion Rampant

Here are details of the variant of Lion Rampant we used at the Vapnartak show at the weekend.

Order of Battle Hexham 1464

Right Wing
Men at Arms (Thomas, Lord Roos*)
Retinue Archers (Robert, Lord Hungerford)

Nobles (Henry, Duke of Somerset*)
Retinue Archers
Levy Archers

Left Wing
Levy Foot (Sir Ralph Grey*)
Peasant Archers (Sir Humphrey Neville)

Right Wing
Men at Arms (Richard, Lord Welles & Willoughby*)
Retinue Archers (Sir John Tempest)
Levy Archers (Sir Thomas Talbot)

Nobles (John, Marquis of Montague*)
Billmen (Sir William Stanley)
Billmen (Sir John Middleton)
Retinue Archers
Retinue Archers

Left Wing
Men at Arms (John, Lord Scrope*)
Retinue Archers
Levy Archers (Sir Thomas Borough)

* = Retinue LeaderOrder of Battle
The plan was that the Lancastrians were commanded by one person, one of the group putting on the game, whilst each of the Yorkist 'battles' had an individual commander two of which would be from the public.
Each of the units consisted of three bases of troops, based as for the Impetus rule set.  This gave units of 18 or 24 figures, but it did give a better 'presence' on the table.  We still rolled 12 dice for each unit, as per the rules; including the Men at Arms and Nobles who would normally only have 6.  This made it easier for the participants who may have been new to gaming.  For each four casualties we removed one base.  The Quick reference sheet fitted onto one side of A5.  (the pdf did not transfer with the same format to the blog, so I scanned it)

Two significant changes we made for this particular scenario involved archery and melee.  For the archery we introduced an extra dice to roll with the shooting dice.  If this came up '1' then the unit was running low on arrows.  If in a subsequent shot a second '1' was rolled, then the unit had run out of arrows.  We did this to make the Yorkists attack and not just stand off and overwhelm the Lancastrians with their superior number of archers.
Secondly we increased the armour rating of the Lancastrians by 1 if they fought a melee from uphill of their opponents.
In addition, the Yorkists were given a time limit of one hour in which to totally destroy the Lancastrian army.

The factors we used for the troops are shown below

Here is Steve's photograph of the starting position for the battle from behind the Yorkist position.

Many thanks to Matt Ubiqiue for the link to the Lion Rampant discussion forum


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