Monday, 6 April 2015

Rawkins Uniform books

I am sure that most of us who wargamed Napoleonics in the 80's had a few of the Rawkins uniform guides on their shelves.  For the time they were essential reading. Even though the illustrations were line drawings, the information on uniforms and organisation made their purchase worthwhile.   The books have been out of print for some years, but I recently received an email from Bob Metcalfe, one of the gamers who helps out on the Lance & Longbow stand at shows in the North.  He pointed me to a website where the titles can now be purchased on CD Rom.  These are new editions, with colour illustrations and greatly expanded text. They are very reasonably priced, roughly the price the paperbacks were all those years ago.  I ordered the guide to the Italian army and was delighted with the new edition.

So if you haven't already visited the historyman website (link above) it is worth a look.

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