Sunday, 17 May 2015

Computer rant and Triples May 2015

It has been a struggle posting battle reviews the last few months, our aging laptop cannot use the modern version of Internet Explorer and the version it can use is not compatible with the 'updated' version of Blogger.  (Don't you hate it when things are 'updated'?).  The recommended Google Chrome option slows things down so much that only divine providence has prevented the laptop sailing through the window.  Anyway, I eventually purchased a new laptop thinking that it would make things easier.  How naive can you get?  I now have to combat the vagaries of Windows 8, which a manual tells me means  " I have 15 years of catching up to do".  There is also the small matter of finding the updated (that word again!) drivers for the camera and printer.

Rant over, for the moment.

Steve and I headed across the Pennines yesterday towards Sheffield.  Quiet roads meant that we arrived early and had to join the queue of gamers awaiting the 10am opening time.  There seemed to be a good attendance and there was the usual good selection of traders offering a bewildering range of all the 'essential' wargaming paraphernalia.   The range and number of games on offer seemed slightly less than in previous years.  With the forthcoming 200th anniversary of Waterloo it was inevitable that this battle would feature prominently.  The Ilkley Old School went back in time in more senses than one with their sand table game based on Plancenoit

General view of the table

The Prussians attack

French defenders
L'Orde Mixte put on a game based on the struggle for Hougomont, using the General de Brigade rules.

TheMosborough Old Boys had a Sudan game, featuring some beautifully painted figures on well sculpted terrain.

Among the other game which caught my eye was the WWII game from the Barely Legal group which was based on the Scheldt offensive in 1944.

and the 40mm AWI game from the Penarth group

It was also good to see a good number of youngsters taking part in the pirates game.

Of course I came away with a 'few' more figures to add to the mountain waiting patiently to be painted, but nothing untoward.

Overall a good day out, with those putting on games welcoming a chance to chat about the hobby and pass on hints and tips that may well prove useful.


  1. Nice looking games, shame I missed the show.

    Don't worry Windows 10 will solve everything (according to the pre-marketing)

  2. Plancenoit was put on by Ilkley Old School.


  3. SorryMark, I have corrected the post


  4. Thanks for the intersting photos. The Plancenoit game looks nice. Sadly the Hougoumont game seems amazingly denuded of figures. We'll be playing one in Gloucestershire in September with the same (Hovels?) buildings but the garrison will be around about 1000 with 2000 French attacking. so hopefully a realistic density on the ground