Sunday, 21 June 2015

Phalanx 2015

It's June, so the Gentleman Pensioners assembled for their annual visit to the Phalanx show at St Helens.  Steve and I were putting on our Liverpool Affray game as previewed in an earlier post.  The 'Pensioners helped us run the game and we had a good number of visitors to the show, including a couple of very enthusiastic young lads, who also joined in.  The game ran several times with honours being divided equally between the Stanley and Molyneux factions.  We set a time limit of one hour for the length of the game and a decision was reached by that time in all but one case.

As s usual the Phalanx show has a wide variety of games; next to the Lance & Longbow game was one covering WW1, First Ypres

Sci Fi and Fantasy games featured strongly, Battle of the Five Armies, with an excellent corner terrain feature

Dune themed game

Inside the mountain, a temple!

There was also a game using blocks rather than figures

An ACW game using 'Fire and Fury

 A game looking at urban civilian conflict, I think it was called 'Aggro'

More photos are available on Will'sblog

Once again the Spartans Club organised an excellent show, it was good to meet old friends, chat about ongoing projects and catch up on news.  Many thanks to the 'Pensioners', Neil, Roy, John, Ian, Bob, Will and Nick who helped with the game.  Here's to 2016!

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