Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sealed Knot at Chester

I can't remember the last time I went to a Sealed Knot event, it is certainly a good number of years ago.  When I heard that they were mustering at Chester over the Bank Holiday it seemed like a good opportunity to go and watch.  The venue at Chester Racecourse was spacious and the living history encampment very interesting to visit.  I had expected the 'Knot' to be camped there as well, but because of numbers (I think), they were a couple of miles away and marched to the venue.

The battle was based on Rowton Heath and the spectators saw a reasonable approximation of a clash between two infantry forces.  There was a lack of cavalry, but then with the cost associated with the animals and the difficulty of organising large numbers of them; not to mention the H & S implications of having dozens of them charging around you can understand why.

There was plenty of noise and smoke and yet above it all the beat of the drums could be heard. Different rhythms for different orders, but the insistent driving beat for the advance really stood out. You got a clear sense of the importance of those drummers.  Overall, a really good day out.  The action was a little confused so I will just add a few photos of the action, rather than a description of the battle.  There are several posts already on Youtube regarding the action this is one

Waller's Horse

Royalist Infantry

Pikes preparing to melee

Rupert's musketeers

Cavalry melee

Parliamentary advance

Frame guns
Scottish infantry


  1. Thanks for the pictures. I remember going to a reenactment of Rowton Heath near Tarvin about 25 years ago.

  2. You should have said you were going, we could have met up.

  3. Great to see you and Kay, David.
    It was a fabulous weekend of re-enacting... Love your photos. Did you, by any chance, get any of our regiment in action?