Sunday, 11 October 2015

Farewell to the Vulcan

When I read that the Vulcan would not be flying after the end of this month, I thought that I had missed the chance to see it in the air again.  However, by chance one of it's final flights happened to pass within 10 miles of home and so yesterday afternoon I popped up the road to see it go by.

I found a quiet spot with a good view to the north, where the Vulcan was expected before turning west and flying past my position.  All went well until the Vulcan turned west further south, ie behind me!  Naturally, the other side of the lane was lined with trees and therefore I couldn't get a photograph although I did get a few glimpses through the branches.

Here is a still from a video clip I took at the International Air Tattoo six years ago, when the Vulcan made an appearance.  A truly iconic aircraft.

There is a website which gives details of the Vulcan

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