Sunday, 6 December 2015

RECON 2015

Our last wargames outing of the year was to the RECON show at Pudsey.  Steve and I were putting on a game on behalf of the Lance and Longbow Society and we reprised the Battle of Liverpool game we had put on at Phalanx.  Once again we managed to persuade some visitors to join in the fun.

On the next table the Kirklees group were recreating the battle of Tankersley Moor 1643, using the "Victory Without Quarter" rules by Clarence Harrison.

Close up of unit label
Across the room was an SF game which used some ships produced by 3D printing.

Small ships are 3D printed
They also produce 3D printed modern AFV's.  In the main hall was a large WW2 game of the Battle of the Bulge.

My thanks to Steve, Will and Bob for helping with the game and the Wakefield and Osset club for organising the show.

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  1. 3d printing you say? The fascinating modern age in which we live.