Thursday, 17 March 2016

WMMS visit

This last weekend I made my first visit to the WMMS organised by the Alumwell Wargames Society. It was quite a trek, but well worth it.  The hall is large and the aisles are wide enough to allow groups of friends to stand and chat without causing the log jams you often encounter at other shows.  I was very impressed by the quality and range of the games on offer.  This was matched by the gamers who were putting on the games who were very enthusiastic and approachable.  Here are some photos of a selection of the games.  More can be found here on Will's blog.

Derby's Grand Alliance game using the Beneath the Lily Banners rules.

The Wyrley Retinue's Renaissance period game

The Shrewsbury group's Seven Years War game

From the Society of Ancients there was this trip down memory lane with figures from 'The Wargame' celebrating 50 years of Tony Bath's vision of the Ancient Wargame.

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