Thursday, 28 July 2016

Painting update

In a pause between games due to holidays/family commitments, I actually managed to finish the unit of pancerni which has been sat on the painting table patiently for the best part of 3 months

This now brings the total to 6 units and means that at last I have achieved the 4:1 ratio between pancerni and hussars which was the goal over two years ago.  My plan to next do some work on the Grand Alliance collection has since been disrupted by 'circumstances'

First, Steve very generously gave me some ECW cavalry on 'free transfer'.  They were painted, but needed re-basing and some minor paint repair.  Unfortunately for my work plans, there were 50 of them!  The first, 'Nutters', has joined the ranks of Sir Victor Meldrew's forces.

Next in line are two units for the Royalists, but then the Phalanx show came along and I spotted a 'bargain' on the B & B.  15/18mm Prussian cavalry from the 'Napoleon at War' series.  The box had two regiments of landwehr cavalry (24 figures) and a brigade commander.  The downside was of course that they needed painting.  Even though  they are smaller, they seemed to have elbowed their way to the head of the painting queue.

More potential disruption to my plans came in the form of a set of the Armati rules.  It reminded me about the two drawers of 15mm Ancients and Medievals I acquired to do some small DBA/DBM type armies at least 2 years ago.  Perhaps if I avoid the dreaded 'buttefly' effect I may get the 4th unit of Austrian infantry painted by Christmas?

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