Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Visit to Chirk and Shrewsbury

This weekend Steve and I attended the Helion "Century of the Soldier" conference at Shrewsbury.   The plan was to meet Steve and his wife there on the Friday evening, so on the way down, my wife and I visited Chirk Castle.

Seventeenth century drum

Collection of arms

Of particular interest was the collection of 17th century arms and armour collected by Sir Thomas Myddleton, the son of the civil war general.  In a further room was a painting of the battle of Budapest from the early 18th century

The conference had several papers presented on the theme of 'professionalism', starting with a discussion of what the term meant to people in the 17th century and how that compared with contemporary views.   There was plenty within the day to inform and inspire and we both came away with plenty of food for thought.

The programme was

Prof Malcolm Wanklyn  "The New Model Army and Politics, 1659-60

Serena Jones;  "A Professional officer?  Colonel George Lisle and professional reputations in the English Civil Wars, 1642-48.

Andrew Robertshaw; "Cavaliers on the field of Mars, the Honourable Artillery Company and the London trained Bands as the training ground for the officers of the 'London' regiment in the Royalist army 1643-46.

Peter Leadbetter; "Organising the perfect militia, the Liecestershire Trained Bands prior to the Civil Wars.

Simon Marsh;  "A Case of drakes,  James Wemyss and artillery innovation in the civil war.

John Barratt; " A Rabble of gentility?, the Northern Horse, 1644-45.
Prof. Malcolm Wanklyn - ‘
The New Model Army and Politics 1659-60’
Serena Jones- ‘
A ‘Professional Officer’? Colonel George Lisle and
professional reputations in the English Civil Wars, 1642-48’
Andrew Robertshaw - ‘
Cavaliers on the field of Mars: The Honourable
Artillery Company and Trained Bands as the training ground for
the officers of the ‘London Regiment’ in the Royalist Army 1643-46’
Peter Leadbetter-
‘Organising the Perfect Militia. The Leicestershire
Trained Bands prior to the Civil Wars’
Stephen Ede Borrett-
‘The Rank and File of the British Army 1667 to
1699 from the Deserters’ Notices in the London Gazette’
Dr Jonathan Worton -
‘The Advantage Of Cooperation And
Conjunction Of Forces: The Battle Of Montgomery And High
Command During The First English Civil War’
Simon Marsh - ‘
A Case of Drakes - James Wemyss and Artillery
Innovation in the Civil War’
John Barrett-
‘A Rabble of Gentility? The Northern Horse, 1644-45’
Helion & Company pop-up bookshop
We will be launching Serena Jone’s new
biography of Sir George Lisle, Jonathon Worton’s
new book on the battle of Montgomery and
Warwick Louth’s new book on civil war archaeology
and drill manuals. We will also be launching the
printed proceedings of the 2015 conference
The Pike and Shot Society will also be supporting
us on the day as the official partner of the event.
They will be launching their new publication on the
artillery train of the Earl of Essex’s army.
Tickets include lunch, a free guided tour of civil war
Shrewsbury (lasting around an hour) and unlimited
drinks during the day.
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of the
1618 -1721

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