Sunday, 4 December 2016

RECON at Pudsey

This weekend saw the last wargames outing of the year to the Pudsey show.  Steve and I were putting on the Chesterfield game which had an outing at St Helens .  We only managed to persuade one member of the public to join in, but once again the rules proved themselves.  Even though he was new to the rules our 'guinea pig' soon picked them up and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Ferrers and Wake enter the fray

The knights prepare to charge

Greystoke's men supported by archers
Of course there were other games on view.  The larger games were upstairs.  I was particularly taken by a splendid fantasy game.  It used the Dragon Rampant rules and a wide variety of troops

In a more 'traditional' style was a WWII beach landing.  Plenty of 'hardware' was on view and the Allies were having a tough time establishing a bridgehead.

As usual there were plenty of traders in the main hall covering a wide range of products.  However, there seemed to be fewer visitors than in previous years and certainly it quietened down after lunch. Overall, a successful day out.  Many thanks to Will and Bob for helping Steve and I with the game, also to Dave for 'refreshments'.

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  1. Thanks for showing, I couldn't make it this year. Certainly some hard work done there by gamers. Worrying though to hear of yet another show with possible falling numbers.