Monday, 14 August 2017

Britcon 2017

This is largely a competition gaming event with a trade presence, but the Lance & longbow do have a stand and Steve and I together with a few of the Gentlemen Pensioners usually put on a participation game.  As I mentioned in my previous post, our game this year was a fictional scenario based on events at Chester in 1318.  Although we attended both days of the show, Saturday was far busier and we managed to find 4 or 5 willing 'victims' to give the game a try.  All seemed to enjoy the experience and the games were all fairly close, hingeing on one or two key melees.   Here are some photos

 Some close ups of the action

View from behind the rebel centre
Mortimer leads his knights to break the rebel lines

Over the weekend the games finished 4 - 3 in favour of the Royalists, though in one game there was a spectacular Royalist collapse precipitated by the loss of Mortimer, leading to the routing of half their remaining units.

The only other non-competition game was a 15mm game set in France 1940, using the Rapid Fir4e rules.  It was put on by the Mailed Fist Group.

There are more photos on Will's website.

On Sunday I managed to take a leisurely look around the trade stands and was particularly taken by the paper armies on display on the Helion Books stand

Thanks to Lynne, Dave, Gary, John, Steve and Will for helping with the game.


  1. Thanks for posting, I didn't manage to get there in the end, so appreciate the pictures.

  2. The paper armies are really fine aren't they?