Sunday, 6 August 2017

Chester 1318

Next weekend Steve and I, together with some other Gentlemen Pensioners, will be at the Britcon show in Manchester, with a participation game for the Lance & Longbow Society.  Casting around for a scenario, I came across a record of events at Chester in September 1318.  A 'great multitude of armed men' attempted to force their way into the city and being unsuccessful, set up roadblocks and set fire to the suburbs.  When news of these disturbances reached the King's Council, Sir Roger Mortimer and the Earl of Surrey were ordered to restore 'the King's Peace'.  Advancing north through the Welsh Marches, they gathered troops from  counties on the way.  By the time they reached Chester the 'multitude' had dispersed and order had been restored.  Deciding to alter history slightly my scenario has the  rebels taking on Mortimer's men.  The action is set to the south of Chester where the road from Oswestry crosses a low ridge.

As with our previous outings we will be using our 'in house' version of the Lion rampant rules, so players new to the period can get involved in the game easily.  All the information required can be found on two sides of an A5 sheet.

In between our various family commitments, Steve and I managed to run through the scenario this week.  Against normal procedure, I managed a win, (though Steve did have some terrible luck with the dice!).  Having the rebels meant I merely had to stop Sir Roger's progress to achieve a win.  Steve had to attack and I managed to get in the first shower of arrows (though that wasn't guaranteed).  In addition, I managed to win the decisive cavalry melees (though I did lose my leader in the process).

Here are a few photos of the action

View from behind Mortimer's left flank

Grosvenor's mounted sergeants fall back after defeating Grey's mounted sergeants
Mortimer's archers support his right flank
de Holland's knights attack Fitzwarin's spears, but are repulsed and then
 wiped out by close range archery form Weyer
If you are attending the show please pop by the Lance & Longbow stand and say hello, perhaps join in the game too?

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  1. Glad you are putting anther of your variant games on. Hope to get there Sunday as we have a family bash on the Saturday afternoon.