Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Other Partizan 2017

I have never visited the Other Partizan before.  I did go to the May show when it was at Kelham Hall on a few occasions, but eventually decided the cross country drive was just too long.  This year, Steve and I looked at the games on offer and thought that there were enough relevant games to make the journey worthwhile.

First impressions of the show venue were very good.  Plenty of light and space, (both in short supply at Kelham) and games a plenty.  Here are a selection of photos:

An AWI game "Whotif's Bend" by Steve Jones

Phil Olley put on a Pils-Hostein game, the Battle of Neerfuncken.  Hundreds of beautifully painted figures on a table packed with interesting features.

From the 'Like a Stonewall Group there was a 25mm Napoleonic game, Utitsa

There were more Napoleonics from the 'League of Augsburg', the battle of Arcis sur Aube.  Large cavalry units were much in evidence.

Ian Smith and Friends were also there with their Battle of Adrados Peninsular War game, which featured at Salute in 2016.

Staying with the 'horse and musket' era there was a very good "Glorious Revolution" game by the Derby group.

Steve and I enjoy Sudan colonial games and the "Old Guard" club had an excellent example on offer, with plenty of interest.

The Bodkins won "Best in Show" for their Crecy game.  Stunning figure painting on display.

An excellent day out, with loads to see.  Without exception those putting on the games were happy to talk about the figures, terrain and rules and were very welcoming.


  1. Wonderful report and some of the best photos of the show I have seen so far. Many thanks for the report.

  2. Great to see you and Steve, David. Best regards. Phil