Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Other Partizan part 2

Thanks to everyone for the comments regarding my last post. Photos from other visitors have been linked on TMP and can be found  here and here.  To avoid the previous post being too long I held back photos of some of the games.

Fist the Battle of Lincoln 1217 by the Lincoln Wargames Group

Chesterfield Old Boys had a D Day scenario Chef du Pont

The Nottingham Wargames Club put on a Russian Civil War scenario

Finally, from the Durham Wargames Group there was a 28mm ACW scenario, Port Republic.  Extensive use was made of doormats to provide the wheatfields.

My thanks to Steve for providing me with a link to the overhead photos he had taken.  His mobile telephone is far superior in this area than my elderly, basic 'point and shoot' camera.

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