Sunday, 24 September 2017

An outing and some new recruits

After 3 weeks where family commitments took precedence, Steve and I visited Shrewsbury this weekend to attend the "Century of the Soldier" conference hosted by Helion and Company (details here ) .  This is the third such conference and once again there was a varied programme of speakers on various topics linked to the period  1618-1721, but concentrating on the Civil Wars in the British Isles.  I found the papers by Simon Marsh ("This Disarmed Multitude- the impact of the Lostwithiel campaign on the Earl of Essex's army") and Alan Turton, (Basing House, The Archaeology of the Siege), particularly interesting.  Also Jon Day's "Bloodier than Cromwell?  Michael Jones and the defeat of Royalist Ireland 1647-49" introduced me to a campaign I knew nothing about.

In the 'down time' between battles I have been busy re-basing a collection of ECW figures which came to me from a fellow Gentleman Pensioner, Dave.  So far I have worked my way through the Royalist cavalry and in Kelhamshire Lord Melchett now has 8 new regiments to commit to his ongoing tussle with Sir Victor Meldrew. However, Sir Victor also has reinforcements on the way (a bigger table is going to be necessary I think).

Here are a few photos of the new recruits.

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