Friday, 13 October 2017

City break and carts

Another week without a game as my wife and I had a city break in Glasgow.  We also travelled to the coast to meet Alasdair, my long time wargaming opponent and had a lovely day chatting, catching up on projects etc.  Whilst in Glasgow we visited the cathedral where there were various memorials to those who lost their lives in various colonial campaigns.  The one shown below (Eusofzai) was new to me and I must delve a little into the background.

There are also memorial windows to the services, although most were too far away for me to take a decent photograph.

The day before we set off I managed to complete a couple of wagons I had purchased from Colonel Bill's stand at Partizan.  The instructions said they were easy to build and I can report that they were, even for a ham-fisted modeller like myself.

They will no doubt feature in a future ECW scenario.


  1. Interesting, more details on the battle here

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Totally new to me too.