Sunday, 7 January 2018

Muscovite Recruits

As the old year drew to a close I managed to complete the third unit of Soldatski pikemen.  When I purchased these figures at Vapnertak in Feb 2017 I hoped to get them finished by the end of the year and for once a met a deadline!

The bags of figures from Old Glory contain 30 castings, so I had to augment them with some 'extras'.  In this unit the extra figures came from a TAG blister of 'Soldatski Command' and they seem to fit in quite well with the Old Glory figures.  Of course I still need to re-base the accompanying streltsy, so the unit will not appear in action for a bit yet. The flag is based on an illustration for a colonel's colour from Dan Schorr's Great Northern Wars website.

Last October Steve mentioned he was looking for some Muscovite gunners.  Now, I could justify getting some more (I only had 4) so we decided to get a bag of Old Glory gunners between us.

We each got 9 figures in 5 variants as shown above.


  1. Synchronicity - I got some Muscovite Gunners for Christmas! But in 20mm

  2. Useful to see the comparison between OG and TAG. It does appear they all mix well with the Hinchcliffe range, which is excellent. Great to see another Muscovite post on your blog.